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This is my third time reading Rock and that alone should tell you how wonderful I think this story is. The story has the right elements to show what life was like during WWI and how African-Americans were treated poorly (even if they helped in the war). I was so moved by this story! It is, by no means, a light tale. There's a purpose to this story. There's depth. And if you are looking for some kind of after-school rendition of what happened during that time period then you are looking at the wrong story, my friends. I appreciate this story for its realism. It does not sugarcoat anything, which is something I am quite happy for. Too many stories nowadays like to keep it clean. Why? Where's the fun in that? Where are the educational purposes in that? Answer: No where. It's impossible to keep everything clean. Life, in itself, is not clean so we need to have access to stories like these in order to learn and see life for what it truly is. I love Rock for those reasons specifically.

Katrina Parker Williams, who I believe is a very talented author and the best writer for when it comes to Southern fiction, did an phenomenal job on this short story. Her writing style has this certain flow that makes the reader follow along in a simple yet elegant motion. You can tell she did a lot of research in order to make this story consistent. There's mention of WWI, the Prohibition Acts, etc. I felt like I was getting all that wonderful history I used to get when I was in school except in a more interesting and entertaining manner. I am very glad that Miss Katrina wrote this story. Before I got introduced to her work, I used to think that books of this nature were just dull and not written with enough clarity to make the reader understand the author's message. However, all that changed when I stumbled upon Miss Katrina's work! I must say, she really has a way with words. Katrina, I love you! Keep writing amazing stories like this one!

Considering this is a short story, I cannot say too much about what happens. Otherwise, I will spoil it for you. I can say that Rock is a beautiful character that really worked hard for his country even though he was treated harshly. Buford Tee, another one on the main characters in this story, was very kind and generous. He helped Rock when he was down. If it wasn't for Buford Tee, maybe Rock wouldn't even be here. These two are wonderfully created characters set into this time period to bring a new light and hope for those who had none. And I know that, even though Rock has no blood relatives left, Buford Tee will be there to support him. *Smiles* That's all I can really say. If I keep going, I might just give something away and I don't want to ruin it for you. It's such a great story! You really must read it for yourselves!

To sum up everything I've been saying, read the story! XD No, really! It's filled with a lot of history, drama, and people you just want to murder for being evil! The story manages to keep you hooked all the way up to the end! And you will be glad to know that, even though the story ends in somewhat of a cliffhanger, it is not the end of Rock or Buford Tee. Katrina is in the process of creating a magnificent novel to continue the story where it left off. For those of you wondering, it's called Bootlegger Haze and you can bet that it's a most fabulous read! That book will keep you glued to your chair until you see what happens to these characters and trust me, you're going to be freaking out by the end of it. So, my lovely readers, if you want to read a story about what happened during this time period, go pick up Rock now. If you want to see where his story goes, look forward to reading Bootlegger Haze. You will NOT be disappointed!

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