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I read this book after discovering exploratory data analysis from the NIST/SEMATECH e-Handbook of Statistical Methods (available online).It's obvious that Tukey was a master at gaining understanding from batches of numbers.Unfortunately, this book did not make me a master.To be fair, I skipped the chapter exercises.Perhaps a little experience actually applying the subject matter would give me more confidence.

I'm impressed that the charts in this book were drawn by hand.Occasionally Tukey would provide advice on the mechanics of drafting or the mechanics of manually sorting large batches of numbers.Even in a world with cheap computers willing to do the drudge work, this advice is occasionally relevant.

Unfortunately, it's hard to determine who would enjoy reading this book.People wanting to apply exploratory data analysis are probably better off with the NIST/Sematech handbook (the preface to this book includes the warning, "Many of the techniques are less than ten years old in their present form—some will approve noticeably.And where a technique is very good, it is not at all certain that we yet know why it is").People wanting to learn statistics are probably better off studying a more mainstream book, simply because Tukey will teach vocabulary and approaches that aren't widely used.Nobody will understand a report that refers to c'rank, froots, cuts, hinges, or several of the smoothing techniques presented.

However, I'm glad to have read this book, and I will read Data Analysis and Regression: A Second Course in Statistics.Perhaps this book is best recommended to people who want a deeper understanding of batches of numbers, even if the result won't be distributed to others.

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