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This is a wonderful book. Tom Kenyon begins by presenting the channelled story of Mary Magdalen. She tells of her life with, and deep love for, Yeshua, whom we otherwise know as Jesus. Magdalen tells us how she loved Yeshua deeply at first sight, about their daughter Sar’h, and her own present life with him in “heaven”, which is “a place in the soul”. She rests there with his presence “through all time and space”.

Magdalen also recounts that she was an initiate of Isis, as indeed Mary, the mother of Yeshua, also was. Magdalen discloses to us the Sexual Magic of Isis and the Alchemies of Horus.

The path to Sacred Relationship through the sex magic of Isis, presented by Magdalen, is the road to “Godhood”, as is the solitary path that a single individual can follow through the Alchemies of Horus.

The central key is the strengthening of the Ka (an energetic duplicate of the physical body) through ecstatic states of consciousness.

Isis herself came to Magdalen and asked her to tell her story. She reveals “the last secret” that Spirit, the male principle, in order to return to itself through its journey into Matter, requires the aid of the feminine principle, the “Intelligence of Matter itself”.

I found the teachings presented by Magdalen and the subsequent alchemical teachings of Tom Kenyon, to be fascinating but somewhat challenging though clearly explained.

The essence of the book’s content is Sacred Relationship, to which Tom and his partner Judi have committed themselves.

Judi was asked by Magdalen to write her own personal story, since Magdalen was of the opinion that Judi’s story would speak to many women, it dealing with the “return of the feminine to a place of honor and power”

I personally found Judi’s story to be transformative, illuminating and deeply moving. I recently reviewed a book entitled “Conscious loving”, and this book had as one of its main precepts to tell the “microscopic truth” in marital relationships.In Judi’s story she echoes this precept – she instils in us the need to delve deeply into our personal truth and express our emotions as precisely as we can in everything that affects our partnership.

Here, I really understood something basic as regards such relationships, perhaps all relationships. I learnt to better understand and appreciate a member of my family and her need to pursue what is bothering her. I was and am deeply grateful for the understanding I gained from Judi’s personal story. I understood that in the alchemical process which a Sacred Relationship constitutes, the furnace gets hot – it needs to get hot so that the dross can be burnt off.

We hear Judi’s story from the beginning. She was abandoned by her birth mother and eventually ended by being brought up by a severe, religious woman whom she called “Queen Victoria”. Through a series of hardships and abusive relationships, the adult Judi learnt the importance of expressing her Truth and eventually ended up together with Tom and engaged on the path of Sacred Relationship.

I found Judi’s story and path of development amazing – this was for me the most engaging section of the book, though of course the integral part is the marvellous story and teachings of the Magdalen.

This is a wonderfully expressed and poetic book. Tom, the Magdalen and Judi are all masters of eloquence.

Please read this book, if you dare.

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