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With my usual unplanned and random reading habits, I'm out of sequence with this series of books.Having already studied 'High Treason 2' it's back to 'High Treason 1'.
Firstly, I don't understand why Goodreads list this book as the work of Robert Groden!He is not even a co-author, as this was written solely by Harrison Edward Livingstone.Further complication arises by the fact that this was originally published in 1989, has since been revised, mainly due to information released by the ARRB, and then re-released as a 2006 edition.Some indication of how much water has flowed under the bridge in this case since 1989 is shown in the text, where the author has altered the original, shown in bold type, or indicated statements or phrases deleted.The flow of this book is also somewhat uneven, with referrals to later Livingstone publications on this subject, i.e., 'Killing the Truth', 'Killing Kennedy', 'The Radical Right and the Murder of President John F. Kennedy' and 'The Hoax of the Century:Decoding the Forgery of the Zapruder Film'.
However, this was a 'New York Times Bestseller' back in it's day, and no matter how many books I consume on this topic I rarely fail to find some new little gem of information, and this is no exception.Was the Secret Service agent on the knoll Thomas "Lem" Johns?(Not according to the 2013 DVD 'Lem Johns:Secret Service Man') Conversely, no matter how many books I read I rarely fail to find some item to which I disagree.I think Livingstone is mistaken to cast doubt on the HSCA acoustic evidence.Track down the work of Dr Don Thomas, who has published articles in the British forensic journal 'Science & Justice' entitled 'Acoustical Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination Revisited'.He shows five shots, with the firing far too rapid for a single shooter, as well as shots from the front.
Little doubt that the cognitively impaired will still send Oswald to the chair.

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FormatPaperback, (torrent)En
PublisherCarroll & Graf Publishers
File size4.2 Mb
GanreNon Fiction
Release date 01.11.1998
Pages count672
Book rating4.48 (290 votes)

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