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Go ask Alice is a pretty interesting nonfiction book. It’s a diary of a fifteen year old girl that tells us how her life is at the beginning and how it starts changing because; of all the drugs she uses. She doesn’t have any real friends so she makes the diary her one and only friend who listens to her understands her. The people she calls her friends influence her a lot to use more a more drugs even if in some points she wants to stop. Alice’s parents don’t pay much attention to her and that makes her feel lonely and she makes her way out by taking more drugs.
I think go ask Alice is a pretty good novel because, it gives us an understanding of how bad it is to do drugs and also what ways lead people to do them. I like the way the book is written in general; like the diary format and also the detail way they explained the things that happen in each day. Also when Alice is introduce to new drugs they explained the drug and what affects makes on people. I think this book gets a lot of people’s attention because, now a day’s a large amount of teens are in drugs and it shows you how far one person can get.

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FormatPaperback, (torrent)En
PublisherSimon Pulse
File size6.1 Mb
Release date 01.10.2010
Pages count480
Book rating4.16 (497 votes)

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