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Her Two Billionaires and a Baby (Her Billionaires, #4) (ePUB)

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  • Her Two Billionaires and a Baby (Her Billionaires, #4) (ePUB)
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E-Book Her Two Billionaires and a Baby (Her Billionaires, #4) by Julia Kent is now ready.

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The 67,000-word ending!

...picking up where Her Two Billionaires left off...


Laura flees after an amazing encounter with Dylan and Mike, a threesome lovemaking experience that sets her senses on fire and her heart ablaze. But hopes are quickly extinguished when reality settles in and she feels duped. Had they set her up just to get her in bed? Was she the butt of some elaborate sexual joke? Running for the safety of her best friend, Josie, she pours her heart out and learns that Josie has a few secrets of her own involving threesomes...


After Laura leaves in a panic, Mike and Dylan must wrestle with their past, to come to terms with how it may jeopardize their future with her. A chance run-in with Laura and her friend Josie at a legendary Boston diner gives them renewed hope that they have a shot with Laura. When she accepts their offer for dinner - and only dinner - the guys see that being normal and comfortable and fun is the best remedy for their past transgressions, and they're determined to win her back, one Italian meatball and homemade tiramisu bite at a time.


Laura lays it on the line: tell her any more secrets they might have. They just can't, though - hiding their billionaire status, they decide it's too much, too soon, with Dylan taking the lead as Mike feels they should tell the truth sooner than later. Deferring to Dylan, he keeps his mouth shut. The trio move on, and a night at Laura's house gives her the closure she needs to trust them again, a no-holds-barred lovemaking session that seals the deal and heals her wounds.

Until a morning news show reveals that Dylan, Boston's hottest eligible bachelor, is actually a billionaire. And so is Mike. Standing in the office lobby, gawking at the television as it spewed unbearable secrets, Laura is agog and sprints to the safety of Josie. Shutting Mike and Dylan out for good, she licks her newly-opened wounds and prepares for a life without them.

Until a positive pregnancy test changes everything.

And this time, Laura's the one keeping secrets...until a dangerous fire in her apartment leads to her rescue by Dylan, who learns the truth in a life-or-death blaze that makes everything more complicated, because...

It's always complicated.

Her Two Billionaires and a Baby is the 67,000-word final episode in a four-novella arc (though this one's novel length!) that brings closure to the very unconventional, loving relationship between curvy Laura, hot firefighter Dylan, and calm, mellow Mike.

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