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Let's answer the burning question straightaway: Steve Thomasbelieves that Patsy Ramsey is responsible for the death of herdaughter, JonBenét, Christmas night 1996. As a key member ofthe team assigned to investigate the murder of the 6-year-old girl,the former detective knows the facts of the case as well as anyone,and the conclusion he draws is convincing and clearly presented. And,as it turns out, his theory about who may be guilty of the crime isjust one of the shocking revelations in JonBenét: Inside theRamsey Murder Investigation.From the outset, it was a textbook example of how not to run aninvestigation: JonBenét's body was moved from where it wasdiscovered before clues could be gathered, evidence was mishandled orremoved altogether, the coroner failed to conduct routine proceduresto determine time of death, and the crime scene was not sufficientlysealed off for hours after Patsy Ramsey's 911 call first summoned thepolice. In all, the initial response was inept, and it served toundermine the entire investigation; the utter lack of cooperation withthe police on the part of John and Patsy Ramsey then compounded thedifficulties. Within hours of the murder, the Ramseys had their ownteam of high-priced lawyers, who effectively insulated them from anydirect contact with detectives. Nearly four months passed beforepolice were able to question the parents at length, and only then onthe condition that the Ramseys be given full access to police reportsand evidence prior to the meeting. In essence, they behaved likesuspects, and when Thomas and other detectives tried to determine theRamseys' guilt or innocence, they were stymied every step of the wayby Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter and those under hisdirection. The hostile relationship between the police and the D.A.'s officeslowed the investigation to a crawl, and, in Thomas's eyes, proved theprincipal reason an arrest was never made. Despite copious evidenceagainst them and glaring inconsistencies in their testimonies,particularly Patsy's, the Ramseys were not even officially listed asprime suspects until March 1998 because the D.A. would not permitit. All the while, Thomas alleges, Hunter was leaking sensitiveinformation to tabloid journalists and allowing the Ramseys' lawyersto dictate the direction and scope of the investigation. Thomaseventually resigned from the police department after exposing theD.A.'s mismanagement of the case, and a grand jury was called. But thegrand jury investigation was ultimately undermined by the D.A.'srefusal to hear the testimony of several detectives closest to thecase.Somewhere in the midst of the politics, the legal wrangling, and thein-fighting between the D.A. and the police department, the centralfocus of this case was lost: justice for an innocent 6-year-oldgirl. Steve Thomas has returned that fact to the fore in thisimportant book. —Shawn Carkonen

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