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Hoo boy, these comics have not aged well. Which is sad, because it's not entirely their fault. So much about comics and the way they're published has changed since these originally were printed, that their nuances and writing techniques can be bothersome to modern readers. Which is also sad because the story here is pretty dang entertaining.

The main problem with Birth of Venom is that when it was originally written, collected editions of every issue of every comic series weren't made. Readers had to go a month in between issues. A reader couldn't just wait for a trade to come out and read a concise story from beginning to end. As a result, nearly without fail, every new issue contained an in-story summary of the last issue's events. In this case, summaries that are sometimes pages long with almost nothing new added to the table. This probably wasn't a problem back in the 80's, but when you're reading each issue back to back in a collection like this, the technique becomes incredibly annoying.

Compounding this problem is that this collection is too long. The first half of the book moseys about slowly trickling out tiny details about the symbiote while Spider-Man faces off against villains who are decidedly not Venom. In fact, the first half seems to be leading up to a climactic confrontation with the Hobgoblin, only to completely skip it once we finally know enough about the symbiote so that Venom actually makes sense. It all feels disjointed and overlong.

Modern readers looking for a history lesson might also be annoyed by the differences in certain key characters who are (obviously) suddenly missing a few decades worth of character development. Characters like Mary Jane, who, at the first sign of trouble, literally runs to cry in her teddy bear instead of showing the bravery she's more commonly known for today.

This isn't to say that Birth of Venom is all bad, as when it finally gets going, it's rather exciting. Venom is so popular among fans for a reason and his battles with Spidey here are a pretty good showing of why. He's scary, strong and frighteningly determined. It's just a shame you have to wade through stories highly irrelevant to him to find that out.

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FormatPaperback, (torrent)En
PublisherMarvel Comics
File size3.9 Mb
GanreSequential Art
Release date 04.04.2007
Pages count352
Book rating4.69 (1527 votes)

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