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Harry was not paying attention when he first passed it. One minute he was watching his breath crystallize in the chilled air, the next he was flat on his back. After several futile attempts at standing, Harry took the thankfully working radio from his belt and called in.

"John . . . John, you there? This is Harry. You there? I slipped on something.

I think I busted my leg."

"Cool," quipped John. "So what did you slip on?"

"Hold on," Harry said. His good humor faded quickly. Harry scooted himself over. He noted that he bumped something.

Time passed.

"I'm by the west wall of the Library," Harry said in monotone, "And the place is covered in blood . . . Oh my God, I think . . . God Harry, there's someone's . . . oh God . . . oh God . . ."

The Chronicler's Shield is a supplement for the WitchCraft roleplaying game. In it, you will find:

* A four-panel, handy reference of charts and tables for all Chroniclers, including the Fear Table, equipment charts, the Outcome Table and much more.
* Campus Crusade, a ready-to-run introductory adventure for both beginning and experienced Cast Members.
* Six pre-generated Cast Members with full backgrounds that may be played as is, individualized as desired, or used as examples for the creation of new characters.
* A Winter's Tale, adventure seeds following Campus Crusade, that may be used to extend the Story, or as the basis for an entirely new Story.
*A number of optional Unisystem rules to spice up any campaign.
*A short essay on running WitchCraft predominately as a horror campaign.

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PublisherEden Studios
File size1.8 Mb
Release date 01.03.2008
Pages count57
Book rating4 (3 votes)

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